Barwood Capital

Our expert management gives you the chance to invest in property assets with less effort,
more reliable returns and greater diversification than doing it yourself.

Investor Benefits

Clear, open, simple

As we unlock underperforming UK regional assets and deliver outstanding returns, what other benefits can you expect to enjoy as an investor? Here are just a few:

  • A simple investment process
  • Diversified portfolio to reduce risk
  • Comfort in governance arrangements
  • Clear, open and regular communications
  • An accessible senior team

We keep the investment process as simple as possible, while keeping you updated with regular information so you maintain a sense of real asset ownership.

Expert management

You will have one point of contact for all legal documentation, which we’ll manage in detail, as well as a personal log-in to our secure investor portal. This gives you access to legal documents, fund performance information and regular communications.

A property advisory committee for each fund meets every quarter and includes two investor representatives and an independent chair.

High levels of personal service

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent in our regular communications. You will receive publications including quarterly investment updates and information about anything from acquisitions to development projects. These investor communications are also available on the portal.

Our investor communications go beyond the published word. We aim to be as approachable as possible. You will get a personal line to the team, so you never feel like a number on a spreadsheet.