30th September 2023

Driving Sustainable Growth

Sustainability remains a priority for Barwood.  Our ambition is to be a leader in the ESG matters affecting our industry, and to ensure that our staff can talk with confidence and knowledge about the climate emergency and our social impact.  We have therefore started a series of in-house training sessions for the whole company which take place every other month.

The first was our Carbon Hero training where members of the Sustainability Committee put together an informative presentation on the impact of Carbon on the environment and why it is important that the world limits further global warming as much as possible.  It also looked at not only the property industry’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions but also Barwood’s.  Our second training session was on Biodiversity to ensure that we are all aware of the significance of biodiversity to the environment, and that the team is fully briefed on the legislation that is coming through and how we can best manage that.  This training has been enthusiastically received by the team and we have further sessions planned for the rest of the year.

As mentioned in the last update we have commissioned our first carbon neutral development in Nottingham which is a significant step forward, however, we want to go further and have a credible pathway to net zero.  To do that we have to know and understand our carbon footprint, so it is exciting to announce that we have just commissioned external auditors to help us calculate our scope one, two and three emissions for all our managed projects.  This won’t be an easy task but as usual with the commitment of our team it is one that we will achieve.  This will really allow us to show credible improvements on our journey to net zero and furthermore, when the time is right, make credible pledges