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2019 Regional Property Funds

The Barwood Regional Property Growth Fund IV


This is very similar in structure and investment rationale to our last three regional commercial property growth funds (Barwood Property Funds 2012, 2015 & 2017), with a strategy to invest in development and major capex/repositioning opportunities in UK regional real estate.

The Growth Fund will focus on projects which address ongoing changes in technology (e.g. e-commerce/logistics), demographics (e.g. care homes) and infrastructure improvements (e.g. road/rail improvements), all of which we consider are likely to generate rental growth, land value appreciation and enhancements in capital values.


The Barwood Regional Property Income Fund II


This will only invest in assets which already have day one income and will be a relatively low risk investment that is very deliverable and extremely well supported by the market dynamics.

The Income Fund will invest solely in industrial income producing assets with strong potential for rental growth and active asset management. This has emerged as a separate strategy as a result of the 2017 Fund’s investments across the UK in five multi let industrial income producing assets with a further three under offer. The resilience and strength of the income these sites are capable of delivering has impressed us enormously, in addition to the opportunity to add capital value to them through asset management.

We have a strong pipeline to expand on this portfolio strategy both directly and with our specialist partner Caisson, as well as others.

To register your interest please email our Investor Relations Manager at

This is not an invitation to invest; investors should only invest in Barwood Regional Property Growth Fund IV or Barwood Regional Property Income Fund II having read the pre-close draft of the Information Memorandum.  Participation in the Barwood Regional Property Growth Fund IV or Barwood Regional Property Income Fund II is only suitable for those persons who would qualify as either Professional Clients or Eligible Counterparties under FCA rules.