24th September 2021

Record Breaking Raise for BRIP5 Demonstrates Appetite for Investment.

Barwood Capitals Most Successful Fund Raise to Date

Barwood Capital’s fifth Barwood Residential Investment Platform Package (BRIP 5), launched in July of this year, has been its most successful fund raise to date, demonstrating the appetite for investment in residential development in the regions.
With a target of £4.5m the invitation to investors attracted over £7.8m, 40% over the fund raise ceiling of £5.4m. This meant that Barwood was obliged to scale investors back proportionately to ensure the investment period remained on track.
As well as attracting 12 new investors, BRIP 5 proved a sound proposal to the existing registered investor base. In fact, just shy of 80% of investors who had investment returns available to them from previous packages chose to rollover into BRIP 5 rather than withdraw their funds.
Steve Chambers, director and head of residential investment at Barwood Capital said, “BRIP offers huge opportunities for investors, whether they are private investors, high net worth individuals or members of a syndicate group.  With a return in as little as two years and risk spread typically across 4 or 5 developments, the proposition is attracting a growing number of investors. Any concerns investors have had about a dip in demand following the end of the stamp duty window have disappeared with regional markets remaining buoyant. In fact, we have expanded our residential investment team here at Barwood Capital to support the growth of the platform in the longer term.”
Barwood continues to have a strong pipeline of projects across the UK regions and the launch of BRIP 6 is anticipated in January 2022.
If BRIP is of interest to you, please contact us for further information about registering.