28th February 2023

Barwood Capital's Sustainability

Cuting Emmisions While Working

Barwood continues to make real progress on our sustainability journey particularly during the last 12 months.  We have developed a bespoke sustainability index which enables us to track and measure the sustainability of all our investments including residential.  This not only allows us to track our progress by scoring each of our projects but also allows the Investment Committee to properly consider the sustainability credentials of each project before making a decision.  In addition to this is the publication of our Responsible Investment Policy which is due this quarter. 


We already offset the carbon we produce as a company, and we are striving to improve the accuracy on which that is done every year.  This year we are including, for the first time the carbon used by our staff when working from home.  We are also developing a sustainable travel policy which will help our staff focus on cutting emissions when carrying out all work-related travel.   This will also include an electric vehicle company car policy that will incentivise our staff to drive electric vehicles.



Barwood's Commitment and Ambitions

Barwood is not going to make bold claims on our sustainability targets which are not credible. Instead, we are focusing on properly and honestly measuring our carbon footprint emissions for all our projects and then demonstrating and measuring how we are reducing this.  It is a daunting task but as ever at Barwood, we are committed to achieving our goals.  Our ambition is to be at the forefront in carbon reduction and an important step on that journey is the commissioning of our first carbon neutral development in Nottingham, which is a big milestone on our quest for carbon neutrality.


We cannot achieve this without the help of all our staff, so Barwood is delivering company-wide training on carbon emissions in the built environment.  This is not only so all our staff can talk with knowledge about the challenges the building industry faces, but also to focus their minds on how we can work together to reduce carbon while maintaining our track record of delivering strong returns to our Investors.

Our Sustainability Framework:

Our Sustainability Framework is directly aligned with our Values and Purpose Statement, and these have been developed and implemented by all employees. This ensures that the guiding principles of our framework are incorporated into every aspect of our business.