6th April 2021

Barwood Commits Third Package on BRIP 3 Across Five Projects and 42 New Homes

Over £4 Million Raised From Private Investors

Barwood Capital has fully committed its third investment package on the Barwood Residential Investment Platform (BRIP 3) across five projects and 42 new homes. 

BRIP 3 raised over £4 million from private investors in September 2020 which has been invested in projects near Wetherby, Yorkshire, in Blakeney, Norfolk, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, Tonbridge in Kent and Highcliffe in Dorset.  

Barwood Capital launched BRIP in September 2018 as a innovative and efficient way for investors to access value in the UK’s regional residential market with ambitious plans to fund new home developments in partnership with established SME housebuilders. The news follows the recent equity-raising target for BRIP 4 that was beaten by 20% to close at over £4.8 million taking the total equity raised to date for BRIP to over £18 million. BRIP 5 is due to launch in early summer 2021. 

BRIP appeals to private investors with an interest in accessing returns from residential development. The minimum investment of £250,000 per investor is deployed by Barwood Capital into a minimum of three development schemes to spread risk geographically across an average of 40 to 50 homes. BRIP appeals to private investors with an interest in development as it gains them exposure to strong returns for a smaller investment amount and a spread of risk which is not available if they were doing it themselves. 

BRIP targets investor returns of 25% return on capital per project, over a 24 to 30-month investment period. 

Steve Chambers, director, Barwood Capital said: “We have completed the purchase of all five projects to deliver new homes spread across England in some of the most desirable places in the UK. We are seeing strong activity in the UK housing market as buyers continue to look to move out from the cities and into a larger home in the countryside. There continues to be an undersupply of quality housing and high demand from private investors to spread their risk across multiple residential development projects through our platform. Our platform continues to provide such housing while delivering returns to our investors. The faster we invest the capital, the quicker the investors start to receive back their distributions, so to have successfully secured all five projects in record time is great news all round.”