5th October 2020

Barwood Capital’s Residential Investment Platform Exceeds Third Fundraising Target

BRIP 3 Forecasts to Deliver 12% - 15% IRR Per Annum

Barwood Capital’s innovative Residential Investment Platform exceeds third fundraising target taking total raised to £13.2 million funding 130 family homes and forecast to deliver 12%-15% IRR per annum

Barwood Capital has raised more than £4 million against a target £3.5 million in its third investment package on the Barwood Residential Investment Platform (BRIP 3) taking the total raised to date to £13.2 million.

The Platform now has 130 homes either completed or under development. Following the successful fundraising, BRIP 3 has completed on a project for seven new homes in Blakeney, Norfolk with a highly experienced East Anglia-based developer, and agreed terms to acquire three further residential development projects totaling 28 homes.

Barwood Capital launched its innovative Residential Investment Platform in September 2018 as a new and efficient way for investors to access value in the UK’s regional residential market with ambitious plans to fund new home development in partnership with established SME housebuilders. The minimum investment of £250,000 per investor is deployed by Barwood Capital across three or four development schemes to spread risk across an average 45 homes. The developments generally consist of spacious family homes with gardens in sought-after locations outside London. The Platform is forecast to deliver investor returns which exceed the target 25% return on capital and 12%-15% IRR per annum over an average two year investment period.

Recent global events have caused a surge in demand for homes in such areas, a trend that Barwood Capital forecasts is set to remain for the medium-to-long term and one that further underpins the Platform’s investment strategy.

Steve Chambers, director, Barwood Capital explained: “The Residential Investment Platform offers our investors an innovative way to repeatedly access strong returns from the UK’s regional residential development market. Our ability to invest as part of a platform, in partnership with experienced SME housebuilders, ensures we add value and invest positively in our local communities, to deliver quality and much-needed new homes, while ensuring our investors benefit from a spread of risk and strong returns. Our latest acquisition in Blakeney typifies the projects in the Platform, bringing exceptional family homes to an area of north Norfolk where estate agents have reported a 40% year on year increase in sales.”

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